Reflections On My Life and Career Over The Past 13-Years

From Idaho to Hawaii, And Hawaii Pacific University to Sultan Ventures… My journey has been one I certainly could not have predicted.

And I'm sure many have the same sentiment when they think about the path for their life.

Recently, I was asked by the HPU MBA Club to come do a talk on my experience after graduating HPU, and the various business endeavors and activities I've done.

It was a lot of fun, and the first time I've ever given a presentation like that about my own story.

And it was really, really healthy to take a look back and glean some knowledge and perspective on what has happened.

I've for sure been fortunate, and don't have major regrets as the side-journeys or roads have always led to good things.

I'm definitely thankful that "All things work together for good" (Romans 8:28)

And I've recently been encouraged by a John Macarthur book that I've been re-reading called: "Found: God's Will"

In it, there's a particular passage where he says:

Spirit filled people do not mumble and stumble around trying to find out what God wants. They just go! - John Macarthur

I had that "let's go" attitude when I graduated high school and set off to a group of islands in the middle of the pacific ocean. And I guess I haven't really looked back.

So I decided to expand upon the slide deck I prepared for the HPU MBA talk and share it here.

I would encourage you to reflect as well. Take the time to turn around and document some of your journey. You won't regret it.

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