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Jan 6, 2021

The Day Democracy Was Tested, and Won

The Day Democracy Was Tested, and Won

Hallowed ground, trampled on. Siege. Insurrection. Anarchy. Shouts and shattered glass interrupted Democracy's song. A maskless mob, violently spreading both virus and venom. Blood was spilled, hate-filled spittle spattered flags waving. Flags Jim

Apr 6, 2013

Take the red pill every time

Never mind the rewind I'll take the red pill every time. To see how deep the rabbit hole goes Is the joy of the unknown. Love and loss, everything to gain Never a

Jul 7, 2011

Apple epiphany

I am not I AM But I know who is. To sit beneath the shaded tree Waiting for an apple epiphany. Tis' not where I reside I belong by His side. Why do

Jan 17, 2011


Passion, power, bravado, and brilliance. Would King Henry be proud of the army assembled? Would Xerces cry at the state of the soldier? Would Alexander yearn for the strength of my shield? Brotherhood