Five hacker twitter accounts to follow right now

Five hacker twitter accounts to follow right now

Greetings from Boise! Today I was reading Twitter as one does, and I was noticing some of my followers really amping up their tweet game recently, contributing some great stuff so thought I'd highlight them. I also threw in a few that always entertain or educate me and you should follow them if you don't already.

The 5 best hacker twitter accounts to follow right now

  1. @hacker_ My man Corben has been lighting up twitter recently. Give him a follow! Here's a gem of a thread from last week:

2. Β  @JHaddix - Another human you must follow on the bug bounty space in particular, Mr. jhaddix who has put his content creation shoes on in 2022! Keep sharing, Jason!

3. @corg_e: Always cracks me up. Must read twitter, she is. When I read corgi's posts I think "yes, this website is free". And Corgi, I hope your day 2 DEF CON shirt says "Exploit Wednesday's" on it.

4. @hakluke: Quick, hot takes that are spot on: from recon data sources, tips on crushing bounties and more. He also runs @hacker_content, not sure how he does it all!

5. @marksimos: I could probably read 1 Mark tweet per day, and I'd learn more from that than 5 blogs. He created and maintains the Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference Architectures (MRCA).

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