HACK ISSUE 007: Top 10 web vulns of 2021 voting, gnarliest pentest stories, and Leadership according to Marcus Aurelius

Happy weekend everyone!

One day late this week, the universe didn't want me sending a newsletter yesterday. Got blocked on computer issues and feeling the effects of my COVID booster shot from Thursday afternoon.

But Onward...

Security tweets and links

There's still time to vote for your favorite top 10 web security vulns of 2021. Help Emile out or choose your favorites from the list.

Peter, aka @p4fg shared some of his bug bounty stats on time to triage and time to bounty. Peter is a full time hunter and even teams up with other hackers where they share resources and collaborate together.

How hard can a password manager really be? Love this thread by the head of product over at 1Password.

I had fun reading all the responses from my twitter post asking hackers what is the gnarliest pentest story they have. Here are a few of my favorites.

Marketing story of the week

People love education. Nothing is more central to creating good content for your target personas than education. Make it useful, make it relevant, and make it easy to consume. When possible, make it entertaining. This last week I wrote a post breaking down the Offensive Hacking Education Landscape, next week I'll share some of the trends I see happening around the space. Exciting and necessary for people to learn about hacking. Hats off to all the creators and platforms.

Inspirational thought of the week

I aspire every day to be a better leader. There probably isn't too many better leaders in history than Marcus Aurelius. Here's stoic writer Ryan Holiday's short synopsis of good leadership traits shared by Marcus:

What is the difference between happiness, meaning, and true psychological richness? I like this cheat sheet shared by Julian

Be prosperous, be well, be challenged, be encouraged, be curious, be honest with yourself and other this next week and every week.


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