How AWS Mints Money

AWS might be the best business ever created. I break down how it works in 5 simple steps.

How AWS Mints Money
Photo by Christian Wiediger / Unsplash

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is at a $74B run rate growing 37% YoY. They take the same data and charge for access, intelligence, customization, security, and more. Genius.  As Jamin Ball said in April 2022:

Such an incredible business. Even with the pull back of software multiples recently I think AWS standalone would be worth >$1T. - Jamin Ball

Step 1: Setup a bunch of servers and rent space on em to businesses and governments.

Step 2: Take all the data people are running on your servers and charge them to do cool stuff and security stuff that you charge extra for.

Step 3: Invite security and data/IT etal vendors to scan that same data and charge them $$

Step 4: Launch a native graph service that queries that same data and charge extra $$$

Step 5: Launch a dizzying array of other services and make everything so complicated it would take an act of god to leave to another hyperscaler.

The number of AWS offerings is constantly growing, and as of September 2022, they include as many as 509 individual products and services. - Anton Vasetenkov

There may never be a business quite like it. What's crazy is that this is just the beginning.

80% of data is still in data centers. We're in early days of the cloud. - Phil Venables

AWS will likely be the driving force behind Jeff Bezos becoming the world's first trillionaire by 2026.

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