Lasting Impact: I made it to Intigriti's Onboarding Slides

Be yourself, be consistent. Others will take notice. Celebrate the small wins!

Lasting Impact: I made it to Intigriti's Onboarding Slides

I got a nice surprise LinkedIn message earlier this month from my friend and Head of Hackers at Intigriti, Inti De Ceukelaire.

As the former head of HackerOne's hacker community, I always saw myself as more of a steward.

I'm not a hacker I just play one on TV.

I try to listen first. Seek to understand, not be understood.

People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

I reflect on this and the many friendships I have and opportunity in the cybersecurity industry I've only been involved with for a little over 6-years. I'm humbled that a competitor of my former company remembered what I preached and respected me enough to include it in their new employee onboarding. 😊

Inti's message was a nice encouragement amidst a difficult year in startup building. It's a season that calls for a wartime consigliere. I made some mistakes, probably too hard on myself and on my team. I'm recentering and finding that balance (thankful for grace and patience from my colleagues).  

Remember, every PLG / community-centered startup team member is on the DevRel/community team ❤️

Thanks Inti for letting me share this story, and thanks to all hackers, the future is yours.

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