Introducing The HACK Digest: My newsletter

I've decided it's time: I'm starting my own newsletter. Read on for the details!

The content will be pretty casual. More raw and unpolished than longer form blog posts. I will write as if I'm in the room talking to you - and I hope it will feel that way. An invitation to read my journal and learn along with me. To hack together, whether that's to build or break or overcome.

What will I write about?

Business and life. Hackers, startups, community, marketing, God... Really, whatever piques my interest. I don't want to limit myself. So this will be a journey, together you and I dear reader. One day I could write about stoic philosophy, another a deep dive cover piece on an amazing hacker or business owner. It will be notes and thoughts along my journey of growth covering startups, writing, hackers, creators, personalities, theology, philosophy, sports, humor, leadership, inspiration and motivation, encouraging notes, thought-provoking queries, and challenging messages.

I'll curate my favorite twitter posts, things I'm reading. You'll be the first to hear about new projects I'm working on or longer form articles I write.

When will you send it? How many emails should I expect from you?

At least weekly. Currently planning for Fridays at 13:37, perhaps more frequently. I still have the emotional scars from writing a daily newsletter for 2.5 years so let's start with the more manageable weekly cadence.

Why the name HACK?

To me, hacking means to creatively overcome limitations across every phase of your life. Hacking is to build and to break. Hacking is working smarter, not harder. In my time at HackerOne, I passionately served the hacker community of cybersecurity professionals - and while I admire their skills I do not myself possess them. I always said I'm not a hacker, I just play one on TV. The cybersecurity hacking community has embraced me from the beginning. From outsider to tolerated insider I guess. I'll take it. πŸ™‡

We are in the age of the hacker, in the early innings of the technological advancements in society. The landscape will change greatly over the decades to come and you, me, and our children must have creative, intellectual, hacking mindsets to succeed. But it's not just about technology. In fact, often the best hackers must remove themselves from technology to achieve balance. To reignite a creative flame, or rediscover a dormant passion for breaking code. Perhaps building something physical and not just digital.

The issues of HACK will be the lense of the world from my chair. I don't proclaim to be an expert hacker, but I do know many of them. I love them and am drawn to their capabilities, their struggles, their triumphs.

What does success look like for HACK?

Happy readers. Happy readers that tell their friends about it. Personal growth as a writer and a human. That's really it. I want to build up and inspire you. Bring you value, make you laugh, make you think. I see writing as a great way to build a long-term relationship with a community of people.

So thanks for joining me, let's explore and hack together.

Read the first issue of HACK now and let me know what you think! If you like it, please tweet about it and share it with your friends.



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