1,859 Days

1,859 Days

I have moved on from HackerOne after 5-years. Joining HackerOne coincided with me moving from Honolulu to Boise and me becoming a Father. It has been a formative half decade. What a privilege it was to join a company and grow with it - I was promoted twice during my time there - with my last promotion to the executive team as VP Community.

HackerOne is a special place, a company I love and a community I am passionate about. While my story of full time employment at HackerOne is fully written, the Luke Tucker + HackerOne and Luke Tucker + hackers book has many chapters left. I will forever be linked to hackers and I will forever seek to serve and support hackers. In my next full time role I'll be doing just that - working with hackers but in a different way (more on that soon).  

#TogetherWeHitHarder ❤️

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