Newsletters are dead. Long live the newsletter

Newsletters are dead. Long live the newsletter

I hate the term "newsletter".

It's actually quite inappropriately named.

Who wants to read or watch the news these days? It's that term "news", implying some douche (or collection of douches) are mindlessly ranting or repeating the prompters bidding on cable television.

I already read the important stuff on twitter hours ago, and the real reason why something happened I'll figure out in the weekend edition of The New York Times (it worked out for this guy).

Cable television sucks.

News sucks.

So let's stop calling them newsletters.

Perhaps we could say "digest". Or "periodical". Or maybe it's as simple as "letter".

For what it's worth, Tobias van Schneider agrees with me.

Tobias was the lead product designer and art director at Spotify and from all accounts seems to be an all-around stud (he writes a weekly email titled DESK of Tobias van Schneider). According to Mailchimp "It’s everything a weekly email should be: fun, readable, full of useful information, and rich in personality."

So in the cause of renaming newsletters, and inspired by Tobias' hipster genius, I made a quick list of some alternate names for your, formerly known as newsletter, letter.

Ideas on what to call your anti-newsletter, newsletter

"Letters from a Friend",

"From the desk of [insert your name here]" (looking at you Tobias),
"Writing, delivered frequently",


"Information you give a sh*t about",
"Data, no dogma",
"Notes from my moleskine",

"Unsolicited opinions",

"Musings, delivered regularly",

"Digital smoke signals"...

ps - I write a newsletter weekly digest every weekday called Zero Daily on hacking and infosec news: you should check it out. People seem to like it.

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