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Low note struck.

9 second lingering.


Rhythmic Guitar riff played 2x.

Light percussion enter, lyrics kick off...

Oppression, you prey on us when we sleep.

Drums align and guitar, bass, percussion, lyrics take you off on this moody journey.

Oppression, you chase after the tired the poor the weak.

Ben’s voice is a defining element of the music - sad, angry, purposeful yet carefree.

Oppression, you know you mean only harm

Oppression, you reach out with your long arm

I still remember the first time I heard that song.

It impacted me in a way that is hard to explain. I was fixated. It was unlike anything I remember hearing before. I hung on every word, every note.

Isn't it crazy how hearing a certain song, at a certain time can impact your soul?

Transcend the moment and transport you to another place entirely.

It never gets old, and perhaps the best part about it is, you can’t fabricate these moments.

They just happen.

So my encouragement to you, and to myself is to slow down enough to let it happen.

Be open to being surprised. Maybe nuke your Spotify songs list and start fresh.

Opt for artists, not hook-laden autotune clones.

Listen to an entire album all at once, not an endless stream of top hit jukeboxes.

“Music is the last true voice of the human spirit. It can go beyond language, beyond age, and beyond color straight to the mind and heart of all people.” - Ben Harper

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