The 40 Awesome Startup, Marketing, and Business Blogs I Read and Newsletters I subscribe to

The 40 Awesome Startup, Marketing, and Business Blogs I Read and Newsletters I subscribe to

I read quite a bit. While I probably subscribe to too many newsletters, I enjoy learning from others. I probably read about 5 hours per week. This is most likely not even enough, and I constantly feel like I'm behind on books, or haven't had a chance to dig into a really insightful blog post but I suppose many of us feel this way. This list is meant to be a reference, for myself and others that might find it helpful. Eventually I should probably categorize, but for now, it's just a running list. With that in mind, the order doesn't carry any meaning.

Here's my 40 awesome startup, marketing, and business blogs I read and Newsletters I subscribe to:

  1. Coelevate by Brian Balfour - Not many can top his content and strategies.
  2. - I never delete a newsletter email blast because I know it's good. Top shelf, detailed posts and infographics.
  3. CB Insights - VC industry info and news
  4. AVC - Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures - One of, if not the best VC blog. He blogs frequently and if you have time, read the comments on his blog, their is usually a lot and some good conversations go on.
  5. Both Sides of the Table by Marc Suster of Upfront Ventures - Put this near the top of best VC bloggers. Been at it a while, and he's pretty much perfected it.
  6. Paul Graham - Founder of YCombinator writes essays a few times a year and they're worth the wait.
  7. Sam Altman- Partner at YCombinator - Very insightful and conversational. I like his writing style.
  8. Jason Shen - Art of Ass Kicking. YC Grad has a lot of great content.
  9. Seth Godin's Blog - marketing master, maven, guru, godfather. you name it he's done it. He's also been blogging daily for like 100 years.
  10. Moz - for all things SEO
  11. Backlinko - recent one I found. Love what Brian Dean's philosophies are and enjoy his writing
  12. blog - Just subscribed, but so far, soooo good. :)
  13. CoSchedule - always delivering value
  14. Buffer Blog - The transparent kings. Hats off to my buddy Joel for always bringing awesome content
  15. Kopywriting course by Neville Medhora - a little off color and a unique style, but the guy knows what he's talking about (or so it seems)
  16. - Blogging on their startup journey.
  17. SaaStr - these guys are all SaaS and post a ton on Quora as well.
  18. Saas weekly by Hiten Shah - Kissmetrics King. If I read every one of the articles he shares and writes, I would be better for it.
  19. Founder Institute - Good reference for startup info.
  20. LeadPages - landing page gurus. Check out their free weekly webinars.
  21. Unbounce - landing page gurus. Oli is the man.
  22. InvisionApp - Awesome product, awesome blog.
  23. Ash Maurya - The author of Running Lean and developer of the Lean Canvas
  24. Groove - Great resource for growing your business online. They are writing about their journey to $500K / mo.
  25. Videofruit - What little I've read, been super impressed.
  26. Andrew Chen - Andrew and Brian are two growth gurus. Andrew is working with Uber now, so last I saw he might not be blogging for a while, but his newsletter kicks butt.
  27. Brad Feld's blog - VC and startup pundit. If you get a chance, read his book on Building Startup Communities.
  28. by Noah Kagan - Playful and powerful commentary on growth. From courses to webinars, to stories, to growing a 700K+ email list for daily deals via AppSumo, to growth hacking posts ... he does it all. I have a man-crush on Noah and I'm not afraid to admit it.
  29. Tomas Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures - Every time I read his blog, I feel smarter and dumber at the same time: smarter for reading it, dumber because I didn't think about it the way he did and wish I could boil down insights like he can. Must read
  30. James Clear - a new favorite. blogs about psychology, behavioral analysis
  31. Benedict Evans of a16z (the VC firm - they also do a podcast worth checking out)
  32. Rand Fishkin via the Moz blog - God bless Rand and his epic white board fridays. So potent. People say I'm a good speaker, but Rand is top shelf in every way. You grow that hipster mustache Rand! #movember
  33. Steve Blank website and blog - a veritable treasure trove of lean startup and entrepreneurial material
  34. James Altucher (The Altucher Confidential) - I've been listening to James since he was a regular on The Daily Ticker on with the enigmatic Henry Blodget. James is rock your world good. I've heard of him described as the Oprah Winfrey of the internet. Not sure I agree 100%, but let's just say he's on top of his game and can do startups, invest / day trade for millions, and write like a champion.
  35. Chris Dixon - stopped his old blog, but still posts on medium. Not many have the insights as good as Chris.
  36. - Don't listen as much as I should, but whenever I do I'm never disappointed.
  37. Nick Kolenda: I can't recommend his stuff enough. Incredibly detailed and insightful content. He's one of those guys that is very liberal with his free content insights. I feel like I'm reading a dissertation every time I see his post.
  38. Neil Patel - The man is a genius, period.
  39. Mattermark - VC industry info and news. They curate an email newsletter that rocks, can't recommend it enough. You will find 20 other great blogs from this one curated newsletter.
  40. Growth Rocks - Found this via Noah Kagan's Traffic1m Slack Group. Apostle and his team post some good stuff.

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