Aloha Squared Story Showcased in Pacific Business News

Aloha Squared Story Showcased in Pacific Business News

It was a treat to get the chance to tell a little bit about the Aloha Squared story to Pacific Business News Reporter Kathleen Gallagher.

You can see the article on PBN or read my full post on the Aloha Squared blog.

Quick Excerpt:

What do you recommend for aspiring entrepreneurs?
  • Put yourself out there. Share your ideas and take action. There’s such a wealth of feedback others can provide you, but you can’t be afraid to get rejected. Sharing your ideas with as many people as possible also puts this pressure on you to do something about it. Utilize peer pressure, positively, to get things done.

  • Start small. Pocket squares are a small niche men’s fashion accessory. We aren’t trying to dominate every corner of fashion. You can eventually expand, but being very clear at the beginning helps crystallize your goals.

  • Be your own customer. Lastly, I would advise startup entrepreneurs to try and solve their own problems or create products you yourself would use. When you’re the user of your product, you tend to understand more intimately what the market wants, since you’re the target demographic. This is most applicable for consumer focused internet startup companies when they’re figuring out what they should build, but it’s still relevant for all businesses.

  • Be flexible. One of the most important things about being an entrepreneur is flexibility. Sometimes you have to be willing to mold or change an idea as you discover what is actually needed in the marketplace and where the profitability can be found.

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